Dupont & Byrne

Talent, will, complicity, sharing, passion, taste, good humour… We could go on and on describing Gilles Dupont and Thomas Byrne, the two starred Chefs whose bond and “savoir-faire” continuously grow since the opening of the restaurant in 1996.


Sharing an art

Both artists and artisans, Dupont & Byrne are completely different, yet they are complementary.

The lively kitchens of the Auberge du Lion d’Or are a result of their assertive characters and their good relationship: good mood always prevails. The establishment has become a renowned restaurant thanks to their “savoir-faire”, and is also a reference on the Relais & Châteaux website.

Always in the spirit of cooperation and sharing, the two leaders invent, experiment and improve. Together they choose their ingredients and harmonize the flavours to compose a high-wire cuisine.

Together, they practice a unique gastronomic art.


Gilles Dupont

The gift of gab, always a spark in the eyes, Gilles Dupont likes people. He draws his knowledge from his travels and his insatiable curiosity, and incorporates them touch by touch in a high quality cuisine.

Gilles Dupont is also a talented painter, and we find in his dishes a delicate sense of aesthetics: a beautiful harmony of colours and a skilful presentation. The pleasure is not only for the eyes, it is for the palate too, and this union of the senses raises gastronomy to an art form.

His talent as a chef was immediately recognized, and led him to contribute to the reputation of prestigious institutions.

As of now, he runs his own restaurant, his very institution, alongside his most faithful friend.


Thomas Byrne

Thomas Byrne followed a more traditional path within some of the most distinguished establishment, and likes to think of cuisine as an ephemeral art. A Chef with the soul of a poet, he has the reserved nature of a dreamer and yet, he is very thorough.

As music lover and opera singer, he composes in very much the same way and with the same passion than the greatest composers their music, and even after 40 years, still takes the same pleasure in creating surprising and nostalgic symphonies of flavours.

In the kitchen, the joviality of the Irish chef is contagious: his dream of opening a restaurant with his great friend has come true. If you listen carefully, in the small window of time when the kitchens open to let the waiter pass, you may hear him sing and laugh.

For Thomas Byrne, cooking is a pleasure, quite simply.